Human Rights Watch compares Naib Bukelin’s Holocaust to “disgusting”

Human Rights Watch compares Naib Bukelin’s Holocaust to “disgusting”
Naeem Bukele (Reuters)

Jose Miguel Vivanco, director of the United States Human Rights Watch (HRW), described this Wednesday:Disgusting“A Comment by Salvador President Naib Bukel, In the Holocaust, was used within their arguments to justify the dismissal of judges and the country’s attorney general.

“I do not know if Mr. Buckell is aware of the denial of his ‘arguments’,” Vivanko wrote on his Twitter account.

Buckley made the statement during a meeting with diplomatic troops stationed in the country on Monday, which was private, but was released on a national network on Tuesday night.

In Germany, tens of thousands of people thought it was wrong to burn Jews in a furnace. That is, many may be wrong. Here they went wrong …Said Buckeye.

“Here they have made a mistake,” he said In reference to the international condemnation received by executive and legislative members for the dismissals that took place on Saturday night, The first day of Congress.

On Saturday, Vivanco accused the President of Salvador of “trying to concentrate power.”Buckel attacks the rule of law and seeks to concentrate all power in his hands”.

Pictured is Jose Miguel Vivanco, director of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) in the United States, EFE / Rodrigo Sura / Archive
Pictured is Jose Miguel Vivanco, director of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) in the United States, EFE / Rodrigo Sura / Archive

On Sunday, he responded to statements made by Louis Almacro, secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), about the situation in El Salvador following his dismissal.

“Almacro rejects Buckell’s blow to the rule of law,” he declared, adding that the secretary “should use art. 20 to change constitutional order” and convene the OAS ‘permanent council.

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Article 20 of the Inter-American Democracy Charter states: “In the event of a change in the constitutional order severely affecting its democratic order in any member state, any member state may request the immediate approval of the NATO or the Secretary-General for a joint assessment and adoption of decisions as it deems fit”.

“Depending on the situation, the Permanent Council may order the necessary diplomatic efforts, including good offices, to promote the normalization of democratic institutions,” he added.

El Salvador is in the eyes of the world as parliament decides with a large pro-government majority to dismiss the judges and attorney general of the Supreme Court (CSJ) constitutional chamber., Raul Melara, is considered an act A blow to the separation of the power structure And is severely criticized by the international community, especially the United States.

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