“I came into more character”

“I came into more character”

After Montevideo crashed into Hello, Básquet Total walked past the word of one of Mercado’s success personalities, Maximiliano Botta.

Maxi started by telling us about his first victory, which made history. Nothing more and nothing less than by Hello: “The truth is he wasn’t expected, because of our opponent, the players who have, and because he’s a candidate. We were able to take ball for ball, play for play, and that’s what we came looking for, and that was what we came looking for, because we know the teams in the players are from team to team. We had to play a perfect match and fortunately it happened and we managed to get him out.”

And about his start to the match, in which he scored 15 points in the first quarter, he said: “It’s my turn to assume that this has already happened in previous games. I am quite rashiro and like to suppose when I have good streaks. My teammates know that and pass it on to me. I came looking for it, when I decided to come to Montevideo I came looking for fame and luckily it gives me that ”.

Regarding his new role with Jari (Acevedo) and Hugo (Timote) as the most experienced on a campus with many youngsters, he said: “I’m becoming more and more prominent, in order to be able to improve things in the future, this is happening to me and hopefully the game between us continues in this way.”

When asked what the match was about, which was all along and where both teams had good moments, he said the keys were: We watched videos of their match against the Albatross. But we saw that the Albatross players had a hard time assuming making the jump needed to win the game, which is a huge byproduct of the quality of the welcome players. That’s why we try to play loosely and try to play that way. At first we didn’t know what Newsom was playing and he threw us away a little bit but then we were able to adapt to it and that was very important.”

In the end, there were crosses of gestures with some welcoming fans, who thankfully didn’t make it to the majors: ”It’s the beauty of folklore, when rival fans insult you from outside, sometimes you have more motivationshred. But it’s things that stay there and I don’t have a problem with it.”

To close the note, we ask you to see Montevideo in the tournament: ‘The club comes to share with many boys from the quarry who want to photograph them and that is why many of us come as well. In my case, to look for minutes for the metro or the league next year’being more specific, we asked him what goal he would score for them at the end of the season, which he concluded with “Being among the four would make me happy, ah, and being a top scorer (laughs)”.

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