“I saw a lot and I couldn’t understand what happened” Juan Moreno

“I saw a lot and I couldn’t understand what happened” Juan Moreno
Betplay Cup

The Millonarios goalkeeper noted the extraordinary play in Nacional’s goal.

Juan Moreno with Millonarios.
Photo: Taken from Twitter: @MillosFCoficial

The first leg of the BetPlay Cup final was played between Millonarios and Atlético Nacional at El Campín. The match ended 1-1 at Attanasio Girardot the following Thursday, November 23.

The match was intense, showing the superiority of Alberto Camaro’s team at certain moments. They went out looking for a win at home, but despite their efforts, they couldn’t find the target and settled for a draw in the first leg.


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One of the more unusual plays of this match between Bogotá and Purslane was a serious foul by Milonarios goalkeeper Juan Moreno during Torlan Papon’s goal for Atlético Nacional.

A play that lifted the ball in search of Pisa attacker Oscar Berea, but the goalkeeper misjudged the distance with the ball, ended in trouble and led to Nacional’s only goal of the match.

Considering Moreno’s unfortunate action in goal, the goalkeeper spoke in a mixed zone about what happened and his thoughts on the big mistake that somewhat affected Millenarios.

Error in target: “I watched it a lot of times, I couldn’t understand what happened, this is football, nobody wants to make a mistake, it’s my turn. “I really value the support of my colleagues.”

What happened in the play: “When I saw that Duke (Jefferson) was going to run, the ball was freaking me out, so I thought he was right there, but the ball hit and I stopped with the studs and didn’t have time to react. .”

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Now the Millonarios will prepare for the second round of home runs in Bogotá against the United States, and the second leg of the BetPlay Cup final against Atlético Nacional in Medellin.

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