I will be back in 2024 on a route to Santa Clara!

I will be back in 2024 on a route to Santa Clara!

The Spanish company Epirojet, one of the cheapest airlines that operates the route between Madrid and Havana, according to Iberian travel agencies, under the name “Viages on Time,” announced the suspension of its flights to the island, starting next January. Presumably, this stop is due to the fact that in the summer of 2024, new connections will be opened from Spain to Santa Clara and Varadero airports.

Attention travelers! Iberojet cancels operations to Cuba and the last flight will be on January 10. If you have a contracted flight with us, we recommend that you call to check your ticket and find the best solution for your flight. At our travel agency, we offer you alternatives so you can continue to enjoy your vacation. “Don’t let this cancellation ruin your plans,” the website reads. Facebook to the aforementioned agency.

In this regard, Miami media outlet Marte Noticias reported that according to sources close to the Spanish company, Epijet plans to resume operations in Cuba starting in June 2024, with routes from Madrid to the Santa Clara air terminals and the Varadero tourist center. With the aim of selling packages to hotels.

Calling Santa Clara from Madrid is a somewhat long-standing demand for Cubans residing in Spain, especially from the Canary Islands.

Flights from Spain to Cuba in November 2023

The airline Aerojet had previously canceled its flights between the Spanish capital and Santiago de Cuba. Sources close to the matter indicated that the reason was the decline in demand from passengers and the general situation of the destination Santiago, according to the newspaper. Marty News.

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In addition, the national airline “Iberia” has already decided to reduce the number of its flights to Havana to only three flights per week, throughout the year, including next summer.

How are the flights from Spain to Cuba in November? According to the latest ECASA flight schedule, it looked like this: Iberojet continues to fly on Wednesdays and Sundays from Madrid to Havana, and World2Fly flies on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from Madrid. Iberia continues to fly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Madrid, and Air Europa continues with daily flights from Madrid to the Cuban capital.

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