If you don’t fill out forms and you receive $ 1,200 directly from the IRS, this is what you should do for $ 600

If you don’t fill out forms and you receive $ 1,200 directly from the IRS, this is what you should do for $ 600

The Treasury Department is about to finalize the $ 600 payments for the second round of economic stimulus, and before that they made clear during an information session the steps to be taken by those people who did not fill out the form but received the first. A $ 1200 incentive to fill it directly with the IRS.

According to the Assistant Secretary of Internal Revenue at the Treasury Department, Roxana Santiago, this process should take place through the submission of the next return for 2020.

This form should be available next week for electronic filing and “even if someone doesn’t file a file”, you can claim $ 600 with it.

Under Secretary of the Treasury, Angel Bantuja, explained that the 2020 payroll includes a specific schedule to “grab” people who have received nothing or received less than indicated.

“On the 2020 payroll, we can settle a number of positions. It will be the B-3 schedule,” Pantoga said.

On the other hand, Santiago said the measure is consistent with what the IRS is doing in the United States.

Agency secretary Francisco Paris said 44,000 people received a payment of $ 1,200, according to his 2018 payroll, not receiving the second aid. “That group did not receive the $ 600 check because they did not make the 2019 return. At this final stage of aid distribution, the recommendation is to present the 2020 return and claim it as a refundable credit,” he said.

At the end of this week’s disbursement period, citizens who are able to get the aid, who are still awaiting, should claim it as a refundable credit on the income tax return for 2020, which will be available in the last week of February. .

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The latter is for everyone who has to reconcile stimulus payments, including the non-radicals. The income tax form for 2020 contains a B3 Table for Individuals, where you can indicate payments that you have not received, those that you have received are incomplete and changes in the composition of your family, among other things, that enable you to receive the funds.

Regarding the possibility of delaying the filing date for the 2020 form, he said that at the moment the date of April 15 is kept in the work plan. He declared that “in the event that additional financial assistance is approved in Congress, that will be a factor leading us to assess the possibility of postponing the date.”

Finally, he urged citizens to ensure the accuracy of what was mentioned in the form, such as Social Security numbers and full names, to avoid delays and errors.

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