“I’m happy with the victory and now it’s time to focus on Partizan”

“I’m happy with the victory and now it’s time to focus on Partizan”

“It’s an important victory for sensations and chemistry before a crucial period of the season,” said Khizonga.

Chose Mateo and Mario Hizonga analyze victory affiliate real madrid Against Joventut de Badalona. The coach said, “I am happy with the win and now let’s focus on Tuesday’s game, which is very important. It was a tough game against a good team that has a strong indoor game.”

“They hurt us on the rebound but we were able to improve it in the second half. When we got the rebound we were able to run and we also understood how to come up with a counterattack.”


“I think Sunday’s game could have been solved in a different way, but it doesn’t depend on us and he’s led us to play against another team who have their European commitment next week in mind. We have very little time left to prepare for Tuesday’s game. We don’t even have 48 hours. And in that sense It was a game that could be distracting, but the good thing is that no one was touched.”

About Hizonga

“He’s having an exceptional campaign and for me he’s a key player.”

Khizonga: “We entered the match well”

“It’s an important victory for the sensations and the chemistry within the team before a crucial period of the season. We entered the game well and understood each other well. In the second quarter we relaxed a bit, but in the third quarter we raised the bar and Joventut could not get back into the game.”

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