“I’m like when I started playing”

“I’m like when I started playing”
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Nicholas Riccote, one of the Argentine players who plays in the Icelandic Subway League, has admitted that his arrival in the little-known European country reminds him of his beginnings in basketball.

“I’m like when I started playing. I feel like I’ve reclaimed the leadership role as I did, on a game level, in the smaller divisions. I enjoy the experience,” the 35-year-old from Bahinsey admitted.

In the second half of 2021, after a fleeting stint at Valencia in the Spanish Basketball Division Two, it was the shooting goalkeeper who knew how to wear the Argentina team jersey in Mexico 2015 pre-Olympic He accepted Ngardvik’s proposal and left for a strange destination.

The former Hindu said: “Iceland is a little-known association, but it has begun to emerge in recent years, and the level is rising. When I analyzed the opportunities and offers, I put everything in the balance, and I do not regret accepting this proposal.” Club player, Resistance, in conversation with Tellam.

The Argentine basketball player, accompanied by his family, stressed that this island near the North Pole “always caught my attention as a country. It attracted me not only with the sports project but also with the life experience.”

One of his YouTube channel episodes: My Experience in Iceland. Thingvellir National Park.

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Riccote, the current Spanish logo of Lenovo Tenerife who retired his number 5 shirt in June 2019, after ten seasons of playing with Al Jazira club, confirmed that It was not difficult for him to adapt to a “less tactical, more offensive” competition.

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“In Iceland everything goes faster. That’s why I think it’s easier to adapt to that than a more structured match like the one I was used to playing in Spain,” he revealed.

Despite what was indicated, the guard warned against it The level of local competition is “very good and very competitive. There are teams with four or five foreigners, but the teams with higher goals are the ones with the best Icelandic players.”

Richotti, who averages 14.3 points; 5.1 assists and 4.1 rebounds per game, comes from playing a very good role in the 115-82 victory over Vestri (10 points, 10 assists and 6 rebounds), last weekend.

The team is temporarily in second place, with a number 14-6, and is lower than Thor Thorlakshofn (15-4), which includes in its ranks the shooting guard from Buenos Aires Luciano Massarelli (formerly Ferro, Olympico de la Panda, and Peñarol de. Mar del Silver) .

“The feeling is that the tournament is for four or five teams. There’s still a long way to go but we’re in the fightBahense, who maintains a seamless connection not only with Massarelli but also with Pablo Bertone, the third Argentine in the Subway League, confirmed.

He said, “I see both (Argentines), fortunately. There I see Pablo (Burton) more because I get a little closer to him. A little later, I know him since last year, when we met in Valencia.”

With a spirit of adventure and anxiety, Ricciotti pays tribute to the geography of the island, which is crossed by volcanoes, geysers, and hills.

“I am a fan of photography and I already knew that here (in Iceland) you can visit many very attractive places. At the moment we still have a long way to go, but what I was able to see clearly meets expectations” he admitted.

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Finally, the basketball player also noted the standards that the average Icelander meets, which he was able to learn while living in Reykjavik.

“The people are very friendly and make everything very bearable. The only really complicated thing, explained Ricciotti, is the issue of climate,” who argued that the “lack of sunlight in the northern winter” “really is a problem if you are not used to it.”

“There are days with no more than three hours of daylight in December or January. For some it can be a setback. The cold is not too harsh, but the wind is punishing and it is harsh. There is no other choice but to spend either at home or at the club.”

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