“I’m Rich”: Camila Sodi causes controversy with this photo Fatalism

“I’m Rich”: Camila Sodi causes controversy with this photo  Fatalism

Mexico City: Camila Sodi has risen to prominence on the small and big screens, thanks to her acting career, but it is her beauty and sensitivity that has made her one of the favorites with the Mexican public.

However, Diego Luna’s ex-partner knows perfectly how to steal the gaze of his followers, by appearing in some pics in little clothes, allowing him to show off his enviable personality.

In her latest Instagram release, the actress left all of her fans silent as she appears sitting in a chair, wearing a legendary blouse: “I am a rich man”, while her pants are zipped and put on a banana, which has sparked controversy so far.

I am a rich man, “(Is this art? (Art saves us) Is it a joke? (Laughter is the best antidote) Please decide for yourself here)” wrote the actress.

Prior to this post, the artist had started receiving hundreds of comments from her followers and colleagues from the show, some of them: “I thought it was a snake. I already saw it was your activity!” Naka, what terrifying? You’re beautiful.

Although she was the amusement of many of her followers, there were many people who disagreed with the actress’s “blessing” as it did not seem correct to see her in a position like this in front of the camera.

However, this is not the first time Camila has returned to the controversy again, and it was alleged that she pushed a journalist a few months ago, but the artist clarified and commented that all she did was protect her son from his privacy and what he is doing. Stay away from the media out of respect.

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