Image of Ivan Morales infuriating Cruz Azul

Image of Ivan Morales infuriating Cruz Azul

The Chilean striker does not reckon with Raul Gutierrez and has been looking for a way out since the end of last season.

Ivan Morales with Cruz Azul
© Image 7Ivan Morales with Cruz Azul

Ivan Morales is one of the footballers who will not be counted in Cruz Azul’s Clausura 2023. Along with Luis Abram and Angel Romero, the Chilean striker does not have the support of Raul Gutierrez to integrate the team next semester. In addition to this, they also want to give him an exit from the offices due to his high salary.

The former Colo-Colo didn’t even travel with his teammates in Cancun to carry out pre-season. However, the player reported on November 8 at the La Noria facilities to undergo pre-competition medicals and also on the turf at the start of training.

And it was in recent days when a picture emerged of that moment that sparked fury among Cruz Azul fans. Morales is back at overweight after the end of the 2022 Opening Years and has once again demonstrated his young commitment to an institution that pays one of the highest salaries on campus.

The photo spread like wildfire across social networks and sparked all kinds of comments among fans. This is not the first time Morales has had scale problems since he was a Cruz Azul footballer. A little over a year ago, when his arrival took place, he was also seen with a few extra kilos.

Cruz Azul is obliged to pay

One of Cruz Azul’s biggest hurdles when it comes to getting rid of Morales is the player’s high salary. With a contract until 2024, there are very few teams that could take over the Chilean’s profile, so the only viable option for his departure is a transfer in which the cement companies agree to pay part of the salary.

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