Impact Wrestling Results: winners, ratings, reactions, and June 3 highlights

As Impact Wrestling moved on with its march to the Outside, and AXS TV program headlined by a blinding showdown between Sami Callihan and Moose on Thursday night was set to stop with enormous consequences for Kenny Omega’s following World Championships impact.

The contest was completed with a Table Match featuring the Japanese icon Satoshi Kojima, Jake Something, and Rohit Raju and an Iron Man game for the x-division Championships. What did it mean to the talent to go forward, to build momentum before the extravagance of 12 June? Find out the episode of June 3 immediately with this recap.

Impact Wrestling

Iron Man X-Section Match: Josh Alexander vs. TJP Iron Man Match

TWO of the most significant technical wrestlers in the industry took part on Thursday night in an Iron Man match that began on Before Impact and completed this week’s Impact Wrestling in the opening minutes of the X-Division champion on the line as Josh Alexander advocated against TJP.

The first time in autumn was 20 minutes. Alexander scored in 60 minutes, pinning TJP shoulders on the mat and defensively placing the challenger. Desperation caused TJP to deplete his weapons in no way for the next 40 minutes.

On the left, TJP countered Alexander’s grip on his knees with an extra four seconds pinning to tie the result at one fall. Alexander gathered energy and willingness to pin the TJP in the sudden death over time and retained his championship.

Jake Something vs. Rohit Raju Tables Match

Thursday was the culmination of the growing rivalry between Jake Something and Rohit Raju. To neutralize the anger of Something, Raju used a pair of steel chairs, not to mention its power and size. He focused his arm, then drove a cannonball corner to somehow his bodyweight. He took a low blow and gave Something, two chairs, a double stop. An angry man was fighting, Black Hole Slams delivered, and Raju speeded through the winning table.

Rich Swann and More W. Morrissey Attacks

After the request from W. Morrissey for a match for Rich Swann was accepted by Scott D’Amore, a great guy who assaulted the former Impact World Champion before the race. In the background, Rosemary and Havok were verbally oppressed and stipulated that they would match the two of next week: in Havok, who beats the No. 1, the team would join Rosemary and Deonna Purrazzo to check the Championship against all odds. Brian Myers has taught Sam Beale what it means to be the most professional wrestler in a new segment.

Team Championship Match Knockouts

Jordynne Grace has joined with Rachael Ellering to challenge Fire N Flava to the same team Knockouts Tag Championship. With dissatisfaction following multiple losses and doubts, they sank back to the heels of Under Siege. Ellering took a beating for a lot of the competition and, late in the battle, took it out of the equation. With Kiera Hogan wrapped behind her, a sleeper locked in, Grace slipped behind in the goal of disrupting her. Instead, Hogan hung on, and Tasha Steelz started the top rope with a frog splash for the pinfall victory.

The Deaner, Satoshi Kojima

Satoshi Kojima made his debut in-ring Wrestling on Thursday in anticipation of his match Against All Odds against Joe Doering from Violent By Design’s Deaner.

Deaner controlled early, but Kojima battled against him, astounding his opponent with a dam of firefighters. The Koji Cutter put Deaner away as Kojima was celebrating with Eddie Edwards, who hit the ring to prevent the sneak of the VBD.

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Sami Callihan vs Moose 

A week ago, just a minute after a disheartening loss for the Good Brothers, Moose raised Sami Callihan with the Lights Out spear. Thursday, in the star-studious event showdown, the self-proclaimed wrestling god wrestled The Draw.

Moose prevailed early and often, with brain damage infected. At one point, he gave Go To Hell, but his failure to seize his adversary at a pinch stopped him from gaining victory. The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega stormed the ring while Callihan had a comeback and reversed the tide in his favor. The elite threatened the world championship of Omega’s Impact and was high at the end of the program.

In the background, Scott D’Amore approached Don Callis and claimed that he should also get a shot at Omega’s championship because Callihan had beat Moose. Tony Khan is to participate next week, and the three will debate what to do with the title battle against all odds.

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