Important changes in the portal!

Important changes in the portal!

Cuban users are of great interest to Nauta Hogar, the home Internet service of Cuba's only telecommunications company (ETECSA). Depending on the entity, if you are still using the old portal to consult and recharge your Nauta accounts, this information is of vital importance to you.

ETECSA announced several days ago that it will soon implement important modifications to the Nauta Portal, an online platform that allows Cuban users to manage their Internet and landline services from home.

“Very soon location Our clients use it to consult, transfer and recharge their accounts. Nauta will no longer provide the Service and only the Nauta User Portal can be used They say:

Although they did not give a specific date for when this change will be made, it should be very soon, perhaps the end of this month or the beginning of April. From now on, the Nauta portal will be available in new connection:

Nauta users and Cubans with these changes

Through this new portal, users will be able to manage their Nauta services and landlines in one place, perform operations such as recharge, transfer and password change without having to repeatedly enter the portal and enjoy greater security thanks to the option of notifications related to sensitive operations.

ETECSA also stated that the new Nauta portal will have a more intuitive and intuitive interface, which will facilitate navigation and management of services. According to Cuba's telecommunications monopoly, these improvements are part of ETECSA's “commitment to provide better service to its customers and to contribute to the development of telecommunications on the island.”

Has the functionality of the previous user portal been maintained? According to ETECSA, yes, the functionality has been maintained, although it has changed the location in some cases. For more information, users can visit the official website of ETECSA. poor here.

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