In a video, they allegedly denounced “policemen in civilian clothes” armed with sticks in Havana

In a video, they allegedly denounced “policemen in civilian clothes” armed with sticks in Havana

(CNN Español) – Amid the tension in Cuba, a new video has emerged showing several buses lined up in Havana, usually only mobilized by the government and a group of people with sticks walking near the vehicles.

The photos, the exact date of which CNN has not confirmed, show the island being tense due to demonstrations against and for the government of President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Report that the police shot her husband and took him away 3:52

CNN has previously seen situations that appear to be similar operations on the ground.

In the video, which went viral, someone was heard asserting that, in fact, it is not ordinary citizens who arrive on buses. “They are all police,” that person said, even though the men in the video are in civilian clothes. CNN has not been able to verify this claim.

A priest beaten in Cuba recounts his arrest 2:38

“Look at the amount of bats they bring, stump sticks, big stick in hand to hit it hard, yeah, then they say it’s the city, they brought it in a guagua (bus) to beat it. Then they say it was the city that hit.”

The video, which lasted more than two minutes, does not show what happens before or after the buses arrive. Nor if any confrontation occurred after the group’s arrival to the place.

Several international media also shared photos and testimonies of people supposedly associated with the government mobilizing sticks. They noted that the events took place in Havana and Camagüey. The media covering what is happening in Cuba, including CNN, have been able to monitor this on other occasions and that it is a matter of rapid response measures to disperse anti-government demonstrations.

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On Sunday, Cuba witnessed protests in various locations. As of Wednesday, more than 150 detainees or unknown whereabouts, according to Human Rights Watch and the Copalex Center for Human Rights, denounced the presence of more than 150 detainees or disappearances.

Videos on social networks condemning violations in Cuba 3:41

President Miguel Diaz-Canel said Wednesday that “there are dozens of wounded, the exact number cannot be determined now. He added that there are many wounded from the part that tried to avoid this sabotage on the part of the town, which went to defend order, security and the tranquility of the citizen.”

Juan Carlos Paz and Patrick Opman contributed to this report.

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