In Cuba, the pools are abandoned houses

In Cuba, the pools are abandoned houses

A neighborhood that thrived before the Cuban Revolution now welcomes, in its deserted swimming pools, Cuba battling the August heat.

Cubaitself, is a country made up of several islands Caribbean Sea. Its history and identity have been defined by the comings and goings political movements Its history dates back to its colonial era, jerky 20th century, and modern times. Despite the hardships of transitions, the people of this place boast a rich culture, which is where they are musical genres Her passion for dance takes center stage, opening the way for a life that would no longer be conceivable without these contributions.

this Antilles archipelago leads to a tropical climate that reach easily 38 degrees Celsius in the summer. According to the Climate Center of the Cuban Meteorological Institute, August is the hottest month. This year was no exception, as the thermometer was already set at 09:30 up to 32 degrees Celsius. news agency France Press agency She has collected testimonies from local residents, who confirmed that years ago, the hot season was like never before.

face the heat, Cubans do not give upProof of this is the new life that they give swimming pools in abandoned houses. Specifically, the event occurred at Havanathe country’s capital.

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An example of the above is what happens in Miramara neighborhood, to the west of the city, that thrived before Cuban Revolution. There, families go to the swimming pools that were left to their fate after the rich Cubans left the island in search of other lands.

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These points where many residents Havanalocated in hidden vacant lots, in addition to the local flora and fauna, are sites containing rubbish.

“It’s not like a beach Varaderobut the kids can have fun,” says Alberto, a resident of the capital France Press agency.

Paradise resists

Postcard beaches, typical of the mental image of CubaIt is a 20-minute drive from the city. Fuel shortages and transportation difficulties make going to those places unviable. So the alternative that the Havanese have is with those Ruined pools It is more than just a temptation.

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Yamel Lage/AFP

“we We cannot live without the coastThe body only asks for sea water, said Boris Baltrons, a 44-year-old freelancer France Press agency.

With information from Agence France-Presse

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