In February 2022, Chile will put a fourth dose of the vaccine for fear of Omicron

In February 2022, Chile will put a fourth dose of the vaccine for fear of Omicron

In the face of the omicron variable, the health authorities in Chile They confirmed that from February 15, they will begin giving a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine to “select groups”, including the elderly, health workers and people with comorbidities.

“We calculated that after February 15, we will start the fourth dose with selected groups, as we did at the beginning of the vaccination,” the minister confirmed. Chile HealthEnrique Paris in statements to Dona station.

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Chilean health authorities confirmed 981 new positive cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number of infected people close to 1.8 million.

In the same way, six more deaths were added, so the total number of deaths is 38,900 since the beginning of the epidemic.

Israel: File Four

In this way, Chile will join Israel, whose authorities have already submitted this Tuesday that they will launch a vaccination campaign to vaccinate a fourth dose in order to counteract the progress of the new omicron variant.

Israel has ruled that health workers and people who are immunosuppressed or over the age of 60 will be able to apply a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Ecuador makes COVID vaccine mandatory for omicron cases

This decision was made by the Epidemiological Treatment Staff, a panel of local health experts, and was revealed by a statement in which Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called on his country’s population to be vaccinated again.

Noting that Israel, the first country to approve the use of a third dose, said the president, once again presenting itself as a health leader with the application of the fourth.

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“Also in this wave, as we did with it [la variante] Delta, we aim to be active and do our best to win. The world will follow us,” the prime minister added on his social networks.

Experts do not rule out omicron in DR; Remember that the epidemic is not over yet

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