In maintenance and “productive downtime” the only sausage factory in Cuba

In maintenance and “productive downtime” the only sausage factory in Cuba

The hot dog factory located in Sancti Spíritus, the only one of its kind in Cuba, is undergoing repair and maintenance with the help of Italian specialists.

The director of the agency, L Escambray That the production stop is necessary to “review the entire process line, because the preparation of the required food is very complex and requires efficient operation in every part of the production chain.”

According to the information provided, the technology, which was installed more than 5 years ago and is of Italian nationality, initially had a production capacity of 8 tons.

However, before it became necessary to stop the machines for repairs to begin, “only two hums could be obtained, due to some technical problem,” the article specifies.

“With an investment of around 500,000 euros, it was possible to obtain most of the spare parts for this repair, many of which are already at UEB Perros Calientes in Sancti Spíritus,” said the manager.

He added that the missing “is in the process of coming to the country, as an important component of shower cooling and the purchase of special bearings for the vacuum pump.”

Hot dog factory in Cuba

The official indicated that work on the cooling systems had already been completed, “as it was necessary to replace some batteries to comply with the temperature requirements of the region, which favors food preparation conditions, according to the applicable standards.”

If the planned schedule of repairs is maintained, Cuba’s only hot dog factory should begin testing at the end of this month or in early August.

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For now, the center’s workers are preparing other items such as ground beef, expanded ground beef, and “a kind of mixed food like salami,” so they won’t be “interrupted,” said the center’s director.

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