Incredible prices for classic James Bond cars

Incredible prices for classic James Bond cars

James Bond It has not only redesigned the spy world, but has also gained interest among car fans and classic buyers. It is no secret that when some models appear in the pictures of the famous secret agent, their prices skyrocket.

According to an article published in RT News, The value of cars driven by Bond in his films will increase by more than 1,000 percent after his appearance on the big screen, According to a study by British insurer Hogerti.

In fact, Saga’s popularity led the model to increase its value by almost 5,000 percent.

A clear example of this trend is the famous 1965 Aston Martin DP5 in the 1965 and 1965 films ‘Thunderball’ and ‘Goldfinger’, which sold over $ 6.35 million in 2019, 759 percent more expensive. Than the estimated value.

Similarly, the article suggests Land Rover Defender The 110 Double Cap SVX 2014 appeared in ‘Specter’ (2015) and was auctioned for $ 496,000, an increase of 937 percent in value.

The lotus that appeared in The Spy Who Love Me movie was sold to Esprit S1 Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk for $ 1 million.

The 1977 Lotus Esprit S1, known as ‘Wet Nelly’, was used by a secret agent in ‘The Spy Who Love Me’ and received $ 837,000, an increase of 4.908% over its standard value.

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