Indiscriminate screams stop all the stars of Liga MX against MLS

Indiscriminate screams stop all the stars of Liga MX against MLS

After the crowd sang the mantra with less than ten minutes of play, the referee paused the proceedings for a few minutes

The MLS All-Star Game between Liga MX and the US League featured a discriminatory outcry at the Bank Stadium in California., So the central referee stopped the match for minutes when the two teams met in the central circle.

According to ESPN correspondent Katia Castorena, Shouts were heard in the stadium, so the match was stopped at the first warning, According to protocols established by FIFA and Concacaf.

To prevent fans from shouting again after interruption and related warnings have been given in the arena, The game started smoothly again.

ESPN analyst David Fidelson also described the shouting at the LAFC house stand as shameful.

“What a shame! Homosexual screams in the All-Star game. Incomprehensible. What a pity …” he wrote.

In the same way, Hercules Gomez, the channel’s analyst, wrote in English, “I heard screams on the All-Star Game. Seriously? It’s unfortunate, “he wrote on his Twitter account.

After the game resumed, the fans just walked in and enjoyed the game, which exploded in the 21st minute with a goal from Jonathan Rodriguez, which ‘Capacida’ advanced the Liga MX team with a shot into the area. .

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