Ines Gomez Montt ruthlessly gave Galilea Montejo

Ines Gomez Montt ruthlessly gave Galilea Montejo

It all started when Ines Gomez Mont He came to criticize her without a filter Galilea Montego Reminding her of the rumor about her famous ‘dark past’: ‘She is also a woman who lacks much education and if you dare say ‘Doña Pedro’, and that you begin ‘Weaving Chambritas’, I would also like to remind you that you are ‘Doña Table’, shall we remind you, Isn’t it?” It was what Mont had judged.

Galilea Montego NS Ines Gomez Mont Today they are close friends and gossip. However, a few years ago – from 2005 to 2009 – while Mount Gomez I was a broadcaster sweating, on one occasion He questioned a comment made by Montejo in reference to Pedro Sula, a veteran host of the most emblematic TV show on Azteca TV.

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