Invited to Tri party before Russia 2018 List re .details

Invited to Tri party before Russia 2018 List re .details

Mexico City /

Three years after the scandal surrounding mexican national team before start Russia World Cup 2018, where many of the elect are proven in a Controversial farewell partyAnd the One of the invited women provided further details of that meeting.

In an interview shown on the podcast very misplacedAnd the maki revealed that About 40 women attended the ceremony, which highlighted that they were neither company ladies nor escorts, as it was published at the time.

“This I never said, People think they hired us, and we’re committed to it, I went in and saw girls just like me, in fan mode, it was the thirty or forty that we were in fan mode, I haven’t seen anyone get paidAll of them girls said, “Write to them and come to the party.”

Calm not to reveal players

Despite the fact that at the time maki has been set as responsible for Treasure Festival ventilationThe young woman explained that she is calm because she did not “burn” the players at any time with her statements.

“I didn’t speak not because I didn’t want to, but because what magazines, newspapers and channels showed me was, ‘I pay you a lot, but I make the note.'” They offered me over a million pesos. It was all the media wanted, no matter how much money, I beat my morals, they were going to say whatever they wanted,” he commented and added: “I keep what I’ve tried, that I didn’t burn anyone.”

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Although he did not go into more detail, The woman claimed there was more alcohol at the partyHe said, “After dark, yes (he saw it).”

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