Iraorgi knocks the leader – Basketball District

Iraorgi knocks the leader – Basketball District

As it happened six months ago, when the then unbeaten Movistar Estudiantes lost during his visit to Azpeitia, the Juaristi ISB defeated the leader Covirán Granada (74-62) yesterday afternoon, once again giving hope to the people of Madrid in their quest for promotion. The schoolchildren, under the leadership of Diego Epifanio, inheriting the position of dismissed Jota Cospinera, aiming for his third promotion, had beaten Akunsa Gipuzkoa in the morning (87-65) and with one match less, did they not see that assaulting the leadership was impossible.

But Irorgi’s victory has implications not only in the upper region, but also in the fight for survival, matching 10 wins from CB Pratt, who is still far from relegation despite losing to UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto that, along with Player of the Day, Alec Wintering (24 points, 31 fal), stamped his salvation (68-75). With one win less, but with one match waiting (the one that will face Estudiantes this Wednesday), Palmer Alma Mediterranea Palma who won at CB Almansa with Avignon (80-87), who is still unable to find peace of mind, as Melilla Sport Capital Club Melilla Baloncesto, who landed with Levitec Huesca La Magia (62-74), who made his home debut.

What seems most obvious is reaching the playoffs. With Badji’s stratospheric plug, ICG Força Lleida prevented a comeback from EasyCharger Palencia (82-81) who had already overtaken Bàsquet Girona in the standings, who beat a direct competitor such as Unicaja Banco Oviedo (99-74). Those from Lezkano have 17 victories, and like Leyma Coruña and TAU Castelló they have three points ahead of the 10th-seeded team, thanks to the orange’s victory over HLA Alicante in the depression stage (66-79), so the seemingly conflicting place is ninth, held by Caceres. Currently, a World Heritage Site, after their defeat to AMEX (101-84), which was set in the second half where they could not maintain a good defensive action. They could still be caught by the GBC, FLBA, or RVB.


doubles doubles

Tomáš Pavelka (BSA) – 13 points + 11 days

Xavi Rey (PEÑ) – 10pt + 10d

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