Best Free VPN For Windows 2021: iTop VPN

Best Free VPN For Windows 2021: iTop VPN

There are many countries in the world where streaming content is banned or blocked due to a variety of issues, and accessing content to stream online may vary depending on where you live. As a result, you will require the best and free VPN for Windows to allow you to stream online without being blocked. That is why iTop VPN should be your first choice because it will allow you to stream any content you want regardless of your location while also protecting your IP address.

To understand how iTop VPN gives you free access to stream any kind of content on the Internet without experiencing any kind of lagging or blocking, let’s take Netflix for example, which provides various movies, series, or tv shows all over the world. However, it is still blocked in some countries, and you cannot access them using your actual IP address and location.


Install iTop VPN to stream any content, website, or app, including Netflix. When you use a public Internet connection (via your computer or laptop), it assigns you a public IP address, which is not protected and secure from hackers or snoopers, allowing them to access your personal data and browsing activities. So, at this time, you would require an effective helper — VPN. When you use the best, free, and secure iTop VPN for Windows, it will connect you to the Internet through one of its powerful servers. Then, instead of using your own IP address, you will surf the Internet using the IP address of its connected VPN, ensuring that your browsing activities, personal data, and identity are completely protected while surfing online. As a result, all internet traffic passes through the virtual and secure tunnel, enabling you to access or surf websites that you would not normally be able to access using your own IP address.

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How iTop VPN is different from other VPNs?

When you compare iTop VPN to other VPNs, you will notice that those VPNs allow you to access blocked websites. However, those low-rated VPNs do not hide your IP address, allowing hackers, snoopers, businesses or government agencies to access your browsing activities, data, and identity. Additionally, whenever you stream a video using those low-rated VPNs, you will experience a lot of buffering because they not only provide insecurity but also low-speed streaming.


So give up those low-rated VPNs and install iTop VPN, which hides your IP address while also protecting your browsing activities, personal data, and identity, making it impossible for anyone to access them. In addition, this free VPN provides lightning-fast speed, ensuring that users do not experience any buffering while streaming any content.


iTop VPN is equipped with the following key features:

  • Lightning speed:

This means when you use the iTop VPN for Windows to stream something or surf the Internet, you will experience the same speed as your Internet provider, and you will never experience any kind of speed delay.


  • Online security:

Whenever you connect to the Internet, iTop VPN creates a secure and virtual tunnel for all of your data traffic. Because of this secure tunnel, iTop VPN provides you with complete online security because when your data travels from your computer to the servers of iTop VPN, it is completely encrypted and encoded, making it nearly impossible for others to intercept and read your data, such as your browsing activities or your identity.

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  • Attachment of devices:

iTop VPN allows its users to attach or connect up to five devices to it. Don’t think that connecting 5 devices to iTop VPN will slow down your speed; it will NEVER! Connecting 5 devices to iTop VPN has no effect on its speed, and it will continue to provide lightning-fast service.


  • Keep your data secure with best-in-class encryption:

iTop VPN is the best free VPN that protects your privacy no matter where or when you use it. It conceals your true location to prevent authorities, snoopers, businesses, government agencies, and hackers from discovering your online activities, such as website browsing, download history, streaming, and even online payment. Make yourself invisible with our secure VPN service for Windows, iOS, or Android and enjoy true online freedom while protecting your identity, browsing activities, and personal data.

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