“It’s unbelievable not being able to score a single shot”: The basketball team finished the first quarter without points in the Champions League

“It’s unbelievable not being able to score a single shot”: The basketball team finished the first quarter without points in the Champions League
Slovakia’s Patriot Levis did not score any points in the first ten minutes against Cyprus’ Petrolina AEK Larnaca.

The quarter-final match of the qualifying round for the group stage Champions League The FIBA ​​Basketball Tournament was a very rare event at the professional level and it happened Patriot Levis. The Slovak national team was unable to score Useless During the first quarter of the duel against Petrolina Ek Larnaca From Cyprus and finished the initial period with a 0-20 degrees.

The statistics reflected the poor performance of the yellow team, which ended the quarter with a score of 0/16 on shots from outside the field. The eight attempts on doubles and triples did not touch the back of the net and the Patriot Levis had their worst performance early in the game. The Slovak side’s poor goal could at least improve in the following groups, although it was not enough to make a comeback and stay in Europe’s second most important club competition.

What is remarkable is that AEK Larnaca ended up winning the match by a narrow margin 74-66 The Slovaks were able to achieve the victory strongly in the third quarter 21-8. Despite the rise, it was not enough to achieve the epic victory. He added: “Our journey in the Champions League qualifiers ended in the first round. Unfortunately, The outcome was determined by a disastrous first quarter Although we were back in the fight in the match, our Cypriot opponent came away happy in the end. Thank you to everyone who came to support us in Turkey,” the Central European team wrote in a statement on its social networks.

At the end of the historic match, the champions tried to convey their feelings and find an explanation for forgetting the first quarter. “I don’t know if any of us have ever seen this again. We didn’t make any shots, we didn’t make any free throws.”Michal Madzin, head coach of the Patriot Levis, expressed his regret. “It cost us the game, and it was astonishing not to score a shot.”Martin Bachchan, one of the players who made up the starting quintet, added.

Thus ended the first quarter between Slovakia’s Patriot Levis and AEK Larnaca

The 2023-24 FIBA ​​Basketball Champions League season has 52 teams, including several national champions from 30 European countries that will be represented this season, and is the second most important club competition on the Old Continent after the Euroleague. Regular season It will begin on October 3, 2023 and end on December 21, 2023 with Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final Four events. The defending champion is Germany’s Basket Bonn.

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