Izza Gonzalez gives a phenomenal AZOTN while riding a bike: video

Izza Gonzalez gives a phenomenal AZOTN while riding a bike: video

Beautiful actress Iza Joneses Who has managed to establish herself as one of the most successful Latin actresses in Hollywood He suffered a stunning fall while riding his bike.

The actress herself shared the video clip, which took her gracefully accident, Because though he took strong hit Apparently it was just that and Isa It had no more serious consequences.

In posting Beautiful actress You can see comments from various celebrities who ask Isa Take care of yourself why It is the nation’s legacyOthers, more Ring Who is mighty every time suffer Others ask him to take care of yourself.

Iza doesn’t have a good time

After sharing her tough downfall which thankfully the actress did not suffer serious consequences, a video was also leaked on the Internet in which she was seen. Isa He argues hard with the director Michael Bay.

and that is Isa He works alongside Bay on the movie Ambulance Where the Mexican actress gives life to Paramedica.

In this article you can see Isa While recording a scene from the said movie, they had to be stopped Michael Bay Because apparently the Mexican didn’t follow the instructions so she had to get her attention.


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