Jர்கrgen Globe optimism, Paul Scholes’ question and what Guinea-Bissau said in the Liverpool deal

Jர்கrgen Globe optimism, Paul Scholes’ question and what Guinea-Bissau said in the Liverpool deal

Guinea Vignaltham faces a big decision in the coming weeks regarding his future at Liverpool.

The Dutch midfielder, who signed for the Reds from United in Newcastle in 2016, has his contract with the Premier League champions expiring in the summer.

Reports have pointed it out Vijnaltham Although Liverpool declined to confirm it, it did say a contract offer.

He has been a key figure in the midfield of the Jrgen Globe Liverpool Team to become European, World and Premier League champions.

Globe has made no secret of wanting to spend the summer at 30-year-old Anfield, but what else has been said about the contract situation?

ECHO Surrounded by everything said so far.

Guinea Wisdom

Speaking at a press conference on international duty in October, Vijnaltham addressed in his contract Summer interest has been reported from Barcelona.

“I don’t think so [the Barcelona interest] It was serious, otherwise you would have read a little more, or more would have happened, ”he said.

“There’s no concrete. I don’t have to think about it.

“I will continue [with Liverpool] It seems now. My contract will run for another 10 months.

“It could still change. Of course in football you don’t know it. So we’ll see.”

Vijnaltham is back after a 4-0 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers in December Asked about his post-match live broadcast on Amazon Prime.

“I already said in my previous interview that I was not talking about my contract status, I was talking about the game,” he said.

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“The club is talking about my contract.

“There’s a link. There was a link from the first moment I came here. The supporters supported me a lot, but this is not what I’m talking about.”

Jர்கrgen Globe

In September, Globe stubbornly said things were “all right” with Vijnold but could not predict what would happen in the future.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are absolutely optimistic about the future for those involved, ”he said. “I can’t talk about some years, but it’s all good.

“You know the situation – everything between me and Guinea and the club is fine.

“Since Guinea is here I have had 500 or 600 talks with him. Of course I have spoken to him since he returned from international duty. But that’s all. ”

According to Vijnaltham, Klopp was also questioned After the Wolves won – where the Dutch midfielder shone – on whether he would sign a new contract.

“I hope to be honest,” Klopp said. “You can see it. He’s always playing. We have a good relationship, I hope.”

Rio Ferdinand

Ferdinand cited Vijnaltham’s key role in Liverpool ‘s midfield – especially this season with injuries to Klopp.

So the former Manchester United man was confused Why he was not bound by a new contract.

Speaking on his five YouTube channels, Ferdinand said: “The fans are back to that place, and Liverpool are delighting them – 4-0 against the very best Wolves team.

“Wow, no matter how many injuries Liverpool have, their first three picks have been injured and these boys make it as easy as there is nothing wrong.

Rio Ferdinand

“For me, it’s worrying if I’re another team competing for the league.

“Vijnaltham is now an integrated player and considering the injuries they suffered, I can’t understand why they didn’t tie him up in a new contract.

“He plays in any of the three midfield positions – holding, box-to-box and 10, he does very well for the Netherlands.

“He’s a great player.”

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Paul Scholes

For most, moving to Barcelona or Real Madrid, one of La Liga legends, seems to be the pinnacle.

But former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes, in contact with Barcelona, ​​questioned why Vijnaltham would switch that switch, as Liverpool held a much better position than their Spanish rivals.

“Why does he want to leave this place?” Shoals said on Amazon Prime.

“The way this team plays, he plays every week.

Paul Scholes

“I know little has been said about Barcelona, ​​but it never came. Why do you want to leave a football club like this? I think they will win the league again, this is a fantastic team.”

Scholes added: “This is definitely a great option here.

“I think he could be a Barcelona player, don’t get me wrong – I think he will fit in their ways, but they are struggling, so why leave a place like this?

“Barcelona are a great club and the Dutch connection will always be great, and as manager with Koman – how long, who knows? You may find him a test, but why would you leave such an amazing team?”

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Ronald Common

Vijnaltham moved him to Barcelona in the summer and joined Comrade Ronald Coman at the Nav camp.

Koeman acknowledged his interest in Vijnoldam in October, but suggested that they could not buy him financially – which was not necessary in the summer if a deal was finalized.

Premier League champions Liverpool are defending their crown this season.

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Koman told Dutch site Alzheimer’s Duckblatt: “Guinea has a great place, he can score brilliantly from midfield and he can add something to the team.

“But the financial situation was clear to the club. His position ultimately had a lower priority than the right priority or the striker position.”

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