James Harden sells 10,000 bottles of wine in China in a matter of seconds

James Harden sells 10,000 bottles of wine in China in a matter of seconds

In a phenomenon that has baffled many ardent fans of the NBA in China I managed to get 10,000 bottles of private label wine from James Harden Within seconds, triggering a reaction of joy on the part of the star SixExpress.

James Harden10 times all Starsis currently in the middle of a commercial dispute with 76ersShe has plans to visit the Far East during the off-season.

This past Tuesday, the 33-year-old served his wine J hardened In a live broadcast via douyinChinese platform equivalent Tik Tok. The broadcast was hosted by an internet celebrity known as ‘Crazy Brother Yang It reportedly drew an audience of over 15 million viewers.

During the broadcast, he was asked hardened About how many bottles per day he usually sells, he replied: “A few.”

presenter, Crazy Brother Yangchallenge hardened Saying, “I’ll give you an idea of ​​how many orders I can create in a flash. Ready? Let’s get started!” And within 14 seconds announced that the first wave of bottles. 5,000 orders, two bottles of $60 each, have been filled. exhausted.

Surprise and emotion invaded hardened When he heard about the quick sale. “Impossible,” he exclaimed, laughing, before checking the news on his computer. The euphoria continued when in a subsequent round of sales another 6,000 bottles sold out in mere moments, resulting in hardened to perform the wheel of joy.

This is not the first time that hardened It becomes the center of attention during your stay China. before, during the flight, hardened made headlines by calling the head of basketball’s operations 76ers, Daryl Moreyas a “liar”, and jeopardized his decision to never work for the same organization again Morey to be involved.

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