James Rodriguez explodes for not going to Copa America. ‘They didn’t respect me’

James Rodriguez explodes for not going to Copa America.  ‘They didn’t respect me’

a star ColombiaAnd the James Rodriguez, described this Saturday as a lack of respect for the coach’s decision Rinaldo Rueda to exclude him from the selection for America’s CupAt the forefront of the match that the coffee team will play against Ecuador.

“You have to make it clear that I’m not bad now. I was going to play Copa America, she was Technical decision. I don’t share it, because They disrespected meplayer said Everton English during a video on Instagram and with a company Camilo Zuniga s Teofilo Gutierrez, former teammates he went to 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

“Another thing is that he’s already telling you.”Look, I don’t count on you because I don’t like you as a player“Well, if that’s the case, I’ll just shut my ass and go,” added the steering wheel.

wheel James was disqualified from the America’s Cup Starting on Sunday and duels Colombia against Peru s Argentina For the World Cup qualifiers to consider that the player did not have an “optimal level”.

a star Choose a coffee maker He was surprised by the decision and assured him of his recovery.

Of the 80 matches I have, how many times have I played poorly? Five, ten, easy. The other seventy I’ve always abandoned, so don’t come to me now with assholes,” he attacked. mosques.

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At the tenth, he presided over the first payroll wheel DT is back in choice after 15 years.

The strategist took over the team in 2021 to replace the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz, Who was he Disqualified After a bad campaign.

Colombia will face Sunday Ecuador At the Arena Pantanal World Cup, in Cuiaba (centre), at the conclusion of the first date of Group B of America’s Cup from Brazil – 2021.

I force them to win (…) and that they do a very good cup, because I want the boys to win” mosques.

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