Jan Tobek confirms that she will vote for Daniel Noboa and describes those who denounced him in the media as “liars and cowards” and did not reach justice | Politics | News

Jan Tobek confirms that she will vote for Daniel Noboa and describes those who denounced him in the media as “liars and cowards” and did not reach justice |  Politics |  News

“I personally will vote for Daniel Noboa from the stairs. (…) There is no mystery there.” That was the phrase with which the presidential candidate of the Baise Sen Medo, Jean Tobek, announced that he would support in the second round the presidential candidate of the Alliance “ADN,” Lists 4-35, Daniel Noboa.

As for Topik, between trying to fight—and he hopes Noboa will try to fight and defeat crime and the mafia—and settling, he says he chose the first option a thousand times in the second round: trying to fight. “It’s that simple,” the presidential candidate said in an interview last Monday night on the program. See your way.

And just as he did when he found out he finished third in the voting options, on Sunday August 20, Jan Topic thanked all the Ecuadoreans who turned out to vote, because they showed him tremendous courage; But he emerged in this gratitude to the 15% who voted in favor of his candidacy.

Jan Topic will publish its security plan “for the public to take in”

With regard to presenting any recommendations to those who follow them regarding who will vote on the 15th of next October, the subject was certain in saying that in this country no one gains profit and the citizen voter should review and review the government’s plan. Form your own opinion. At that moment he remembered that he had said from day one that he would vote for Daniel Noboa.

Tuesday morning in an interview at ecuavisaDaniel Noboa thanked Topic for his support and announced that he would speak with him to discuss the security proposal he had put forward to the Ecuadorians, issues on which – according to him – the presidential candidate of the Bayes Sin Medo coalition has a lot of experience.

Guayaquil, Sunday August 20, 2023. At the Nuevo Mundo School, in Samburondon, the candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Jean Topic, exercises his right to vote in the early elections of 2023. Photos: Cesar Muñoz/API Image: API

Patricio Carrillo, a member of the Constroy Alliance who would have received the votes to reach the legislature as a member of the National Assembly, also announced that he would vote in the second round for Daniel Noboa. He explained that this is his personal position, as Konstroy is still analyzing the whole panorama to know how he will respond to this issue. What remains for Carrillo and the Construi movement is that they will not support the “mafia”.

In another case, Tobek criticized the fact that representatives of certain political sectors filed complaints against him, in the days leading up to the campaign, and did not at any time submit them to the relevant judicial bodies. He wondered why they hadn’t filed any formal charges, and the answer he could give himself was that it was all part of a process. Displays modes. He described all those who filed complaints against him in the media and did not reach justice, describing them as “liars and cowards.” (YO)

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