Jardine “blames” managers for saturating the Pachuca calendar

Jardine “blames” managers for saturating the Pachuca calendar

Andre JardinD.T AmericaOn Monday, he referred to the controversy Pachucahis competitor tomorrow in CONCACAF Champions Cupwho will have to deal this week with this commitment and a match or two play in In the MX League.

“It's not a decision that falls on us. We're sorry that crucial matches are being played so close together. It's not ideal, not being able to rest, be active for your best role, but these issues have to be thought through and the managers make the best decisions, always thinking about the players.” And those who have to endure the physical stress that the league puts on you.

He was accompanied by the strategist Diego Valdez In a press conference, the Chilean admitted that he dreams of winning the league title CONCACAF Champions Cup To play Club World Cup 2025.

“It would be a dream to conclude a fantastic year in which we did things very well and reach the Club World Cup. “We are in very good form and we must take advantage of it to reach this final.”

In the first leg of the semi-finals, America The team tied with Pachuca 1-1 last Tuesday at Azteca Stadium. Valdes admitted that it would be difficult to overcome Pachuca, which is led by the Uruguayan Guillermo AlmadaWho he knows since they met in Santos Laguna.

He said: “Pachuca is a very complicated team. They are a strong team at home, and they press a lot. I have known Almada since I was at Santos and he is a great coach, but if we focus and apply, I think we will win.” Midfielder.

Diego Valdes praises Jardine's work in America

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As he praised Palmada, Valdes highlighted the work the coach is doing America What he did with the team the year they were champions Mexican League.

“works with garden “This has served us well in many aspects, especially as a group, and this has been shown by the year we have had,” the Chilean coach said. “We won the title six months ago and now we hope to repeat this success in the league and CONCACAF.”

finally, Andre Jardin He stressed that the big challenge facing his team is to reach the final of the tournament and win the championship title 2024 CONCACAF Champions Cup.

He explained: “This match is very important because it is part of the dream of reaching the CONCACAF final to lift the title because that will give us the opportunity to go to the Club World Cup.”

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