Jason Grease, USA U23 Coach: ‘We should feel lucky to have Kervin Ariaga suspended’ – Ten

Jason Grease, USA U23 Coach: ‘We should feel lucky to have Kervin Ariaga suspended’ – Ten

What is unfortunate for some is joy for others, and so was the coach of the pre-Olympic team United States, Jason Greece, About that fact Kervin Ariaga will not play The semi-final against them on Sunday against Honduras as they were suspended due to yellow accumulation.

The Coach of the Stars and Stripes admitted at a press conference that it shows the skills of the national team players, midfielders and cataracts forward that amaze him the most, with the full football level of the above Ariaka.

In addition, he made it clear that there was no pressure regarding the game and that the Honduran team had no more experience than them because the team was different from past processes.

What did he say

“In my view I don’t think so Honduras There is more experience than us in this situation because the teams that exist today are completely different from the teams that played in the previous edition four years ago. “This Honduras” is not like it went to the last three Olympics because it is a new team that will qualify for the competition again just like us. There is no benefit, ”the American began.

“It will be a great game where we will try to do anything to win. I think it will be an equal game because they are a good team. They have been growing in past matches and they have made it clear against it. Canada There they gave the best presentation of the competition. In addition, they showed that they are very dangerous, ”he continued.

In the pre-Olympics match in Guadalajara, Honduras conceded two goals and scored five goals in its first three games.“There are good players like Honduras Edwin Rodriguez In the center of the field, Captain Denil Maldonado Y Kerwin Ariaga, Who was suspended in this match, so we have to realize that he was a little lucky not to play. We watched too Ricoperto Rivas Coming from Europe, it shows that he is a great player with a lot of intelligence. In the same way Alejandro Reyes He showed in the last game that he was very influential in crime. The center-backs also have a lot of experience and a lot of interaction, so expect a big challenge tomorrow afternoon, ”the strategist declared.

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Captain of the North American team, Jackson Yuil, He also commented on his posts about the games, where they expect a vibrant semifinal. Similarly, the midfielder San Jose earthquakes Catracho highlighted the virtues of the players.

“We expect a tense game,” Honduras They are the most aggressive team above and they are quality. They boast about players who drive the ball well, so let’s try to minimize their chances. Defenders and midfielders are very assertive. The most important thing in this meeting is intensity and order ”.

“We’ve seen all their games on the team level, they have a tough team, and they have a lot of offense in offense. AriakaThey are a great team, ”the captain said.

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