Jean Alan was returned to Nagayo Prison last night

Jean Alan was returned to Nagayo Prison last night

Former Prosecutor General, Jean Alan Rodriguez, was returned Friday night to Nagayo Prison, where he was held in remand for being one of those involved in an alleged network that defrauded the state with more than 6000 million Brazilian reals, after spending the day. You have been admitted to the Abreu Clinic for various medical studies.

The information was given by Carlos Balcacer, one of his representatives, who added that Jean Alan had not completed all the studies he had outlined; Although the current authorities of the Public Prosecution were aware of each one of them, and therefore they were allowed to go to the medical center.

“Studies were done on the kidneys only but he also needs some in the spine because he is half curved, as well as some tests on his eyesight, which is down about 20%, all these tests are the Attorney General’s office that I knew and that’s why they gave us permission,” the lawyer explained through A phone call that they also knew he had all these medical procedures done in the United States.”

Balkasir noted that the ideal situation was for him to wake up inside the clinic but the authorities refused to allow him and he was returned around 9:20 pm to Nagayo Prison.

Rodriguez has been imprisoned since Tuesday, June 29, a day after a series of raids began against him due to his alleged connection to the aforementioned case.

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