Jeff Bezos’ fortune at the Pentagon has reached $ 211 billion

Jeff Bezos’ fortune at the Pentagon has reached $ 211 billion


7 July 2021 04:00 GMT

The executive’s ex-wife also benefited and his wealth increased by $ 2.9 billion.

Now the net worth of former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos hit a record high of $ 211,000 million on Tuesday, resulting in his company shares rising 4.7% Results Pentagon to cancel millionaire deal with rival Microsoft Reports Bloomberg.

As stock prices rose, so did the fortunes of the pesos 4 8.4 billion.

The Department of Defense announced Tuesday Termination of ID contract For the $ 10 billion disbursed in 2019 to Microsoft. The deal is the subject of a legal battle between Amazon, the US government and Microsoft. The e-commerce agent went to court arguing that it was a tender Flawed and unfair Issued by the Pentagon. Now, the Department of Defense may split the new agreement between the two companies.

The rich are rich

Bezos tops list of world’s richest people, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, And French luxury goods Mughal, Bernard Arnold, With $ 180,000 and $ 168,500 million, respectively.

Thanks to the increase in the value of Amazon shares, the luck of Bezos’ ex-wife, McKenzie Scott, The 15th richest man in the world, has also increased: an additional 9 2.9 billion, totaling $ 64.9 billion.

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