Jennifer Lopez, “On My Way” Canto at the End of The Voice

Jennifer Lopez, “On My Way” Canto at the End of The Voice

Once again singer, actress and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez Share a video of him appearing in his latest post on the sound Conquer everyone who was present in the place where it happened.

is being beautiful celebrity She combined two of her greatest talents, one as a singer and the other as an actress Jennifer Lopez He was once again promoting his movie “Marry Me”.

17 hours ago I shared a file sing video Where she was wearing a beautiful white dress with a cut in one of her legs, thanks to which we can enjoy seeing this graceful part of her body.

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This garment wore a kind of long cape made of the same fabric with which it was made, with its neck high and fixed at the waist.

As shoes she used a pair of ankle-high boots in white also, which is undoubtedly one of her favorite colours, as we have seen her on several occasions wearing clothes of this colour, and in her house she has many white furniture.

Jennifer Lopez is not only a singer and actress, but an excellent dancer | EFE

The song JLo was performingI’m on my way”, which is the song from his upcoming movie, which will be released in February 2022, apparently on Valentine’s Day.

In this new film project, he will co-star in the lead credits alongside Owen Wilson and Maluma.

click here If you want to watch the video.

The video you shared Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony’s ex-wife has 3:31 minutes in total, there’s a huge stage where they have several projectors showing some scenes from Marry Me, which you may have already seen in the trailers.

In less than 24 hours since her video was posted, the singer, actress, and businesswoman garnered 751,514 views, as well as 2,328 comments, as her fans were excited to see her perform the tune.

Ben Affleck’s current girlfriend released her latest movie in 2019, though she’s been working on other projects, it was Marry Me, which we’ve seen the most excited about.

Her fans are excited when they see her translating this tune, especially since we will be able to see her again in a romantic movie, and strangely enough, she is associated with a wedding, this is not the first time we have seen her in a movie of this kind.

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