Jesus Angulo was read in the primer but did not follow the recommendations

Jesus Angulo was read in the primer but did not follow the recommendations

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At any time, the Flock will make his departure official so that Pocho joins the squad for the next campaign, but Canelo has a box.

© Imago 7He can stay in Chivas! Jesus Angulo was read in the primer but did not follow the recommendations

Midfielder Jesus Angulo actually said goodbye to the Chivas de Guadalajara fans last Friday. And although he’s still on the team this Wednesday, it’s a fact His exit is sung until Victor Guzman hits Perla Tapatia at any moment, But Sinaloan’s departure is not due only to a sporting issue, but to a situation that the leadership considered as an evasion of some recommendations.

When Canelo arrived at Holy Herd in 2019, his operation was expected to explode to the fullest, Which is so awarded that, as a rojiblanco, he has reached his best level, making it to the Mexican national team and He was a staple in past Olympics where he was one of the bronze medalists.

And it is precisely in this focus at Tokyo 2020 that footballer Chivas started recording on his YouTube channel. Create content that is positioned in a way that matters, even get to a podcast. Try to post weekly or bi-weekly with interviews with various elements from Guadalajara, which has not always left the Amore Vergara-led establishment in a good light.

Various reports confirmed that it was not just once but multiple times Where Angulo recommended avoiding this kind of speech or changing the tone so that it is Guadalajara Don’t be impressed, because some footballers have broadcast intimate situations like Fernando Beltrán when he pointed out that the club had cockroaches and some scuffles with coaches and coaches who weren’t necessarily named. Canelo has always eluded this, and now that his contract is about to expire, they have decided to send him to Lyon.

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reconnaissance Would you like Angulo to stay in Chivas?

Would you like Angulo to stay in Chivas?

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“There were a few times he recommended dedicating less to podcasts, but when he saw the numbers, well, It was easy for him to go on and on. This was saved by the board of directors, which at the first opportunity did not hesitate to take a step. Ah, but Canelo already She has her first YouTube board, now to wait for her content from the shoe, horache and sandal capital”, FIt was part of what was published by Toque Filrado de Mediotiotiempo.

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