Jimmy Butler reappears with a massive “Babazo”.

Jimmy Butler reappears with a massive “Babazo”.

Miami. Jimmy Butler has a new look and the NBA world took notice immediately.

The Miami Heat forward arrived at the team’s first official day of work this season with piercings (eye, lip and nose) as well as a new hairstyle and black painted nails.

It’s becoming something of a trend for Butler, who spent the past year sporting dreadlocks in a departure from his usual look.

“I’m so excited right now. I’m reflecting my emotional state and I’m loving it. This is me,” Butler said. “This is how I feel lately.”

The coaches greeted Butler with smiles and laughter. It seemed like the teammates were caught off guard.

Heat center Bam Adebayo, who had not seen his teammate before his meeting with reporters. He thought someone had touched something with pcom.hotshop when a reporter showed him photos of Butler’s appearance.

“This is not real. This is (expletive) crazy,” Adebayo said.

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