JJ Barea explains why he is so afraid of Estudiantes

JJ Barea explains why he is so afraid of Estudiantes

This Tuesday, what was already known was officially confirmed: Jose Juan Barry The season will not end in Movistar students. The Puerto Rican goalkeeper will go home to rest, he explained, with the team he has defended to this date in the absence of saving himself in the Endesa League. Barea will not play for Estudiantes-Burgos, which might be key to the club’s future if the RetaBet Bilbao Basket does their homework on the other side, despite the fact that he signed until the end of the season.

Ramiro de Maeztu, in an icy farewell to a streak, announced on its website the end of the player-team relationship: “JJ Barea informed the student entity that, for personal reasons, it decided to abandon the discipline of the club.”.

The situation has many aggravating factors. One of the most important ones is that Estudiantes is not only in a sensitive position in the classification, but the latter commitments had to be met without many important players. Alexander Tsvetkovich He joined the shift despite not counting for Cuspinera at first due to losses. John Roberson, The center of attacks and one of the top three players in the Endesa League, is injured while he is a point guard, the same position Barea used to cover.

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The Mayagüez player has already made a small idea about the the reasons That led to this drastic change: “Yes, I’m going home to see my kids. But everything is fine. We reached an agreement. What was left was a match and we had to wait until the 21st. They postponed it until that date. Going home to see the children. But everything is fine.” Okay, tomorrow I’m leaving for Dallas. The last time I saw my wife and kids was in Puerto Rico in FIBA ​​Windows. She was strong, as she had no children and my wife was here so strong and I’m really desperate. I can’t stand it anymore. ”.

He claims in his Instagram account Change the league calendar As a major factor: “Due to family commitments, I will not be able to participate in the last game of the season which was scheduled for May 13. My commitment was until May 14, which is the season end date. The last game was not until last week. It was changed to May 21. I would like to. I thank the great student fans for the reception and great attention they received with me. My experience with the Student Club was very good and I will never forget them. I regret that we could not get the results we expected but I am sure that the team members did their best in every match.

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