Joan Laporte finally clarifies whether Messi will return to FC Barcelona next season

Joan Laporte finally clarifies whether Messi will return to FC Barcelona next season


Rumors have been circulating in recent days that it may come back Leo Messi To FC Barcelona, Joan Laborda Has come out to talk about it.

In an interview with the show “Tu diràs” RAC 1, Laborda Judgment in Leo’s case.

Remember that it was first Xavi Hernandez He revealed that the doors of the club will always be open for Argentina, who now play for PSG, until he becomes coach.

Then consultant Joan Laborda, Enrique MasibClarified the return Messi Camp Nou is not something that can be achieved.

Laborda He acknowledged how his situation and relationship with Leo is currently. “Now there is no fluid contact, I do not speak to him. There is no personal contact. He is in Paris, but I remember him fondly. If you are sad? I know what is being said, but I do not speak to him. I feel the comments from those close to me, Barcelona pulls a lot, He has a beautiful family and I felt worse for the family than him, ”said the Barsa leader.

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Asked again Laborda About whether it was difficult to release the best player in the history of the club.

“It’s definitely not easy for me, but the way it happened, before it became a company, I thought I could not put it at high risk. I think we did what we had to do.”

Do you want to return it?

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Finally, Laborda He had no problem answering whether it was possible Messi Return Barcelona.

“I have not received any news from Leo or his surroundings to come back. It is true that at this time we are not considering it. We are forming a young team and forming good partnerships with some experienced re-enactment. But Leo was also recognized as the best player in the world. He is also a player. He deserves to be respected as a person and he is a winner in the mood he came from, but that’s something we do not consider, “he clarified. Laborda.

Other phrases:


“We have shut down two players who are free. There is a fight with Lalica to build the merger. We are waiting for your criteria, which is sometimes very restrictive. There are talks with the CVC, but other funds are also being talked about. Must be done before June 30. But the big deal is Barca.”


“He is a good player. There are good reports. He takes the deco that we have not paid.


“I will be with those who want to play in Barசாa, those who have expressed a desire to come. No one said that today. They have to be in line with economic rationality, or I see it as hard.


“They are the best players. I do not need anything. “

Joao Felix

“I like it. He’s a great player. We tried to make a difference, but we could not do it. Atletico did not want him to leave.”

Win the Spanish League

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“I did not sign up to win the European League and finish second. I want to win the league. I’m sure we have a team to win because we’re well into the last phase. With a team that performs better than me and wants to win the league. If we continue as we are now, we will become champions. ”

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