Joe Biden raises the number of refugees admitted by the United States to 62,500

Joe Biden raises the number of refugees admitted by the United States to 62,500
Joe Biden, President of the United States (REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst)

Joe Biden on Monday announced an increase in the annual quota for refugees, which the United States welcomes at 62,500, compared to the 15,000 specified by his predecessor Donald Trump., It has not been replaced until now by the new administration.

“It destroys the historically low number set by the previous 15,000 administration, which does not reflect America’s values ​​as a nation that welcomes and supports refugees.” The White House said in a statement.

The US president had promised about 60,000 people, but backed out on April 16, announcing that he would postpone his plan and maintain the minimum level set by Trump. He unleashes harsh criticism from his own democratic camp.

The government said it was already working to expand the system to allow refugees to rise Next, it goes towards the 125,000 targetMy fiscal year.

According to the decree, this number of refugees “is sending an important message The United States continues to be a safe haven for some of the world’s most vulnerable. “

Biden announces target of 125,000 migrants for next fiscal (REUTERS)
Biden announces target of 125,000 migrants for next fiscal (REUTERS)

In a statement issued on Monday, Biden endorsed “acting”, thus ending “suspicions” and pledging that the U.S. refugee program would “protect the most vulnerable” and “act as a beacon of freedom and a refuge in the world.” ”. “It’s a model of who we are and what we want to be. That’s why we’re going to rebuild what’s broken,” he said.

The enrollment program is supported by UN agencies around the world. The camps are concerned only with the resettlement of refugees selected by the US intelligence and security agencies in the United States, especially among the most vulnerable, such as the elderly, widows or the disabled.

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US President assures government will use all available tools to help refugees complete all procedures They escape from the “terrible conditions” of living in their own countries.

For its part, the government will start tomorrow, Tuesday Reunite some of the immigrant families separated by the Trump administration (2017-2021).

As a first step, U.S. officials allow four women from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras to see their children again, Were at one time separated from them by the border, and deported to their native lands. Those women are expected to enter via Texas and California.

In an interview with the TV network CBS News, Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS), Alejandro Myorgas, Biden stressed the government’s “extraordinary commitment” to reuniting these families.

Then, in a statement, the officer said it This is just the beginning. “

“We are going to reunite the first family families, many more will follow, and we feel the importance of providing the resources and stability these families need,” Mayorgas said.

Asylum seekers waiting to cross the Rio Grande to Texas (Reuters)
Asylum seekers waiting to cross the Rio Grande to Texas (Reuters)

At this time, There are more than 1,000 separated immigrant familiesAs a result of the “Zero Tolerance” policy used by the Trump administration between April and June 2018, according to DHS data, a federal judge ordered its cancellation and called for the reunification of the divided people.

Most families have been reunited in recent years, Although there are still 1,000 people, Mainly adults in these cases, the majority of whom were deported from Central America.

Long before Trump’s policy officially began, there were family splits in late 2017. Some children detained in the US were too young to be taken away from their parents and they did not remember their relatives.

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In 2018, a federal court ordered the Trump administration to reunite thousands of immigrant families, but the ruling did not benefit many parents who had already been deported before the lawsuit was filed in court.

US President Joe Biden signed last February to form the aforementioned task force dedicated to reuniting families separated during the Trump administration.

The White House report explains that the task force is working to complete several reorganizations in the coming months and plans to give an account of what it achieved in early June.

With information from AFP and EFE

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