Joe Biden slept in COP26

Joe Biden slept in COP26

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President Joe Biden of the United States is the protagonist of an interest Video of him sleeping At the full meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, the site of the COP26 International Summit, world leaders meet to address the current climate crisis and make key decisions.

Images have quickly gone viral on various sites on the Internet, where you can see Biden sitting, crossing his arms, With the mask on, he closed his eyes for several seconds During the summit.

The US President is in that position listening to someone else. Following that, a person approaches the president, talks to him for a few more seconds, and leaves Biden applauds briefly, Until he closes his eyes with his hands.

The president’s extraordinary reaction caused a stir on social media, some there They have already started meme with Pitton’s video, Who was on British soil to face the challenges of improving the environment, made his own government one of the key points of his administration.

The COP26 summit began today Boris Johnson’s harsh speech It was asked to negotiate important contracts to reduce emissions to keep industrial heat at 1.5 centigrade.

Before Biden’s sleep, some users showed videos of the president with his eyes closed during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett at the White House, but this was changed as the US president focused on his conversation. With the head of state of the Middle East, Reuters has released the news.

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