Joe Biden’s Government Provides “Automatic” Legal Residence for DBS Beneficiaries | News from El Salvador

Joe Biden’s Government Provides “Automatic” Legal Residence for DBS Beneficiaries |  News from El Salvador

In an exclusive interview with Univision, Kamala Harris discusses the immigration reform plan, which will be presented by the Biden government, reducing the process of applying for citizenship by pre-immigrants to Congress from 13 to 8 years.

Joe Biden’s government will take over the presidency To us On Jan. 20, he prepares to present his immigration reform plan to the Senate, which will benefit 11 million immigrants. According to Biden’s campaign promise, it will be delivered to Congress within the first 100 days of his term.

In an exclusive Univision interview with Kamala Harris, the Vice President-elect gave details of what the reform program thinks of leading millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States to become permanent residents and then apply for citizenship. 8 year period.

“We’re going to reduce the time we currently have from 13 to 8 years,” Harris said. He explained that once an immigrant receives a green card or permanent residence card, he or she must wait five years and then apply for citizenship.

There are also beneficiaries in the relocation plan Temporary Security Plan (DPS) and “Dreamers” that can automatically receive a temporary card plan.

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A reform of the asylum application process is also proposed. Harris noted that a policy has been developed that includes legal advice for asylum seekers and children coming to the border.

The Biden and Harris program advises maintaining the unity of immigrant families across borders and “not separating them,” a play that marks the administration of President Donald Trump since the implementation of the “Zero Tolerance” policy in 2018. 2,500 families and to date many of these have not been rediscovered.

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They believe Kamala Harris has the support of both parties for approval in the Senate, although she acknowledged that “this is not going to be easy.”

Further: Joe Biden offers to divert immigration prevention funds to the Northern Triangle Development

With regard to the Northern Triangle, he pointed out that resources would be allocated for their security and peace in order to prevent families in these countries from seeking to immigrate to the United States.

In his quest for development in Central America, Biden volunteered to invest $ 4 million in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala in the fight against security, corporate growth and corruption.

The race includes ensuring economic growth, strengthening civil society institutions that audit local governments, and strengthening the investment potential of remittances.

In October 2020, the incumbent president said the money would be invested by restructuring money from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) immigration prevention budget.

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