Joel Embiid explained his amazing beginnings in basketball, did he start when he was 16?

Joel Embiid explained his amazing beginnings in basketball, did he start when he was 16?

One of the great stars of the NBA has recalled his first steps in a sport that today makes him one of the best players in the world.

At this point in his career, there was no longer any doubt about it Joel Embiid He is one of the great players in NBA.

The Cameroonian Center 76ers I had a very interesting conversation with Drummond Green He explained how he saw himself as superior to the rest when he started playing basketball.

“I didn’t start playing basketball until I was 16.” Before that, I was playing soccer and volleyball, so I was actually about to go to France to try and turn professional. Volleyball player even Luc Mbah A Mot came back to Cameroon and set up camp, a camp I didn’t even want to go to because I just started playing basketball like three months ago,” said one of the title contenders. best player in the current campaign.

“So I thought I wasn’t good enough. You know, these guys have been playing basketball their whole lives and there’s no way to pick them for their camp. And that was at the time when I thought I was going to be in college for about five years and didn’t really think I had the ability to enroll in university. NBA Because my whole goal of coming to America was to use this basketball, that opportunity to try to get a degree and do something with my life. Go home, you know, earn money and help my family. And all of that, so I never thought I had any chance in basketball.” Embryo On the Los Angeles Defensive Stars podcast the Warriors.

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At this point the center 76ers Accumulating a total of six seasons in the league, it is becoming more and more firmly established as one of the key talents in the midst of the globalization of NBA.

Do you think Joel Embiid is a character who could represent an era in the best league on the planet?

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