Joker kills Robin; Scene not included in Justice League

Joker kills Robin;  Scene not included in Justice League

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Justice League Cut Snyder Completely changed history Superhero movies. For more than 4 hours, fans of this saga enjoyed a masterpiece that was about to never be seen, and despite its resounding success it could still be better, with some scenarios they thought were included, and in the end they stayed out.

One of the most impressive was the appearance of Robin, the henchman of Batman, which could have caused a frenzy without a doubt., In this world, as we discovered on Batman vs Superman, Killed by clown.

It is one of the theories that were addressed about the last batch, Released last week, Is that it was planned in sequence within the Apocalyptic World in Nightmare BatmanIn a kind of “Last Supper”, the Joker will be revealed to the world before they go SupermanHow was he killed Robin.

the gate The Book of CharactersDetails of that Zack Snyder He had planned that during this crazy time in the movie, the heroes would try to steal Mother’s fund From this ruined cathedral in Gotham And return it to Batikeva To activate the cosmic tape and push it back flash Just in time for a warning Bruce Wayne Of upcoming events. There is, in the nostalgic of the moment, a character Jared Leto He will be honest in the eyes of the world.

Remember that for some DC MoviesThere were several nods to Robin, however He is remembered most of his suit, which Bruce displayed in his mansion with a written message from the Joker.

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In the past, Zack Snyder himself This explained in the past Robin It comes to b Dick Grayson Nor Jason ToddWhich in the cinematic world for CapitalThere is a possibility that it is clown killing rooster To burst to fatigue, as it happens in comics.

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