Jokic believes the MVP debate has gotten out of control

Jokic believes the MVP debate has gotten out of control

Discussions about individual awards in general and the MVP award in particular are topics that typically dominate conversations throughout the season. Practically since the first week of competition, much of the NBA's content has revolved around this topic, which seems to have become increasingly antagonistic and monopolizes almost any narrative. So much so that it is exhausting even for the players themselves.

Nikola Jokic already has two awards under his belt, and appears to be headed towards a third. But when asked about it, far from defending his candidacy, he seemed a bit confused, admitting that although he thought he deserved it, others could get it too.

“I think the whole MVP conversation is out of control,” he said in a statement to . From the inside Nuggets Harrison Wind. He added: “I think I played at a good level, but there are many players who deserve the award.”

Certainly, discussions about this award are inevitable. Since there is no fixed standard, everyone can cling to the narrative that interests them to defend their player, but sometimes a point of discrediting other stars is reached which is impossible not to get bored of. Suddenly, it's clear that Embiid will average 5 points per game if he doesn't get free throws, Luka Doncic hasn't passed the ball since his time at Real Madrid, and Jokic has the athletic ability of a Brendan Fraser in woe.

Nicolas in particular has recently suffered from this kind of senseless attacks, with Gilbert Arenas, baffled by God, claiming he was the worst player in the world ever, and last year the debate over whether he or Embiid deserved it became more… Extremely toxic. Unfortunately, these words on his part don't seem to change the matter.

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