Jordanis Ugas recovers one of his stolen belts

Jordanis Ugas recovers one of his stolen belts

Cuban boxer Yordenis Ojas On Wednesday, he received a new belt from Gilberto Jesús Mendoza, president of the World Boxing Federation, in order to replace one of the belts that was stolen from his home in Las vigas In February of this year.

The delivery took place as part of the opening ceremony of the 102nd conference of the leading organization at the Royal Caribe Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

The moment the new belt is handed over (Photo: Instagram/Yordenis Ugás)

“I’m having a special night at my first conference. Thank you @wbaboxingofficial And her boss Gilberto for giving me one of the belts that was stolen from me about a year ago.”The boxer celebrated on his social networks.

The moment the new belt is handed over (Photo: Instagram/Yordenis Ugás)

“Although the short-term and long-term goal now is to live and act like a champion in the ring. The good thing about boxing is that once you’re a champion, you’re a champion forever.”The boxer added.

“Thank you to everyone who was part of this. Thank you to all the fans. Especially my Cuban community. Grateful and thank you again. God homeland, life, freedom,” Ojas concluded his emotional writing on the networks, which were accompanied by photos of the moment.

The boxer could not hide his happiness at regaining the belt that cost him so much effort to win, and it is a symbol of all the sacrifices he made in his career, as well as all the moments, good and bad, that he had to go through. By leaving his mark on the elite of his sport. And leave your mark.

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It was mid-February when two men entered the boxer’s home Several belongings were stolenIncluding belts obtained in many professional fights.

Dayanara Leon, the wife of the Cuban boxer, shared videos from security cameras, in which the two people were seen entering the house. Leon confirmed that the thieves were Cuban based on their accent and asked for help in identifying them and reporting them to the police.

An empty safe, belts, five wallets and a backpack were all stolen by the two people who arrived at the scene in a white Mercedes-Benz. It was shown in the video clips that the two men had half of their faces covered, and as soon as they finished stealing, they fled, carrying their belongings in their hands.

This was not the first time they had broken into Yordenis Ugas’ house. In November 2019, he announced on social media that several cars had been stolen while he was traveling. A year later, he remembered the incident and celebrated that he had multiplied everything that had been stolen from him by ten.

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