Jorge de Alessio confirmed the claim of the OV7 members

Jorge de Alessio confirmed the claim of the OV7 members

Although some members such as Lydia Avila deny it among the members OV7 pool exist Problems Which – which It keeps them separateSinger and producer Jorge de Alessio I would have turned them upside down in their Instagram stories.

Yesterday afternoon during the singer’s live broadcast, a follower asked him why he’s not collaborating with OV7 and he replied to a shout. They are fighting!

According to the “Sala Al-Sol” conductors, a Loud rumor About there Conflicts within a pop group The reason for the Ambalia, Because they confirm it Your current partner She is a transgender person who has changed her and they are calling her out for her stance.

At the same time, Kalimba He would have expressed disagreement with his sister Mbalia’s refusal, which would lead to his separation from the rest of the group.

So far, none of the OV7 members, made up of Lydia Avila, Mbila Marechal, Erica Zappa, Kalimba and Oscar Schwebel, have spoken about it.

OV7 is going to have problems due to its member M'Balia

Despite the above, at least so far it appears that this position has not altered the tour they set in Celebrating 30 years of the band That would take the National Hall stage on May 18, 19 and 20.

The tour that was supposed to have been presented in April of last year, which started in Guadalajara and later in Mexico City, has been postponed for this year due to the global pandemic due to the Coronavirus.

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