Jose Eduardo breaks down in tears when he talks about Eugenio Derbez: ‘I wasn’t born into an ordinary family’

Jose Eduardo breaks down in tears when he talks about Eugenio Derbez: ‘I wasn’t born into an ordinary family’

Mexico City, Mexico.- Father’s Day was celebrated last Sunday in Mexico and many countries, and for this reason, members of the “Members in the Air” program recalled the emotional moments they lived with their parents, and managed to touch the heart of Jose Eduardo DerbezOne of the bidders.

The driver is the son of the actor Eugenio DerbezHe couldn’t contain the tears when talking about how hard it was to grow up without his dad by his side and the process it meant trying to live with him after so many years.

His classmates surprised him with a beautiful video recorded by his father in which he said, “I am one of those who believe that children choose who their parents will be, so I thank my love for choosing me as a father to you. I am so proud of you, for all you have achieved, for the person you are. I love you.” With all my soul, Happy Father’s Day to me, but also a thank you. I love you.” and darling words such as ‘beautiful son’, ‘little boy’ and ‘darling’.

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Immediately, tears began to roll down the cheeks of the actor and YouTuber, as he couldn’t help but remember how hard it was to grow up without hearing these words. He was blunt: “I always understood that I was not born into an ordinary family, and it was very difficult to see other schoolmates who were always there.”

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Complicated Relationship

The show’s attendants asked Jose Eduardo how he felt when he received that letter from his father, after some people told him that “that day would never come”, to which he replied that on the day they could finally get close, it was all it took to make the previous absence unimportant.

In addition, he admitted that his mother, Victoria RuffoHe does not have a good relationship with his father, and when they asked him if he would like them to have a rapprochement, he replied emphatically: “No, God forbid! I understand why they broke up. I don’t even understand how they came together, it’s water and oil, and I asked both of them.” “How the hell did they fall in love?” he said, laughing.

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