Jose Eduardo Derbez of alleged photos with other men: it’s commonplace

Jose Eduardo Derbez of alleged photos with other men: it’s commonplace

Several weeks ago Jose Eduardo Derbez It is located in the middle Controversy Which is that different media outlets and YouTube channels have ensured that there are many of them Pictures Actor in the positions Bargaining with men.

However, the son of Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio DerbezHe broke the silence and had a conversation with him Today’s program, Put an end to these rumors, which were also said to be blackmailed.

With his humor, Jose Eduardo made it clear that the footage we mentioned so often is non-existent, but if there is any, it will not take away sleep: “I’m” so upset, “I’ll pay to see those pictures. And if they do (have) let them take it out, it’s okay, I’m happy, I’m happy, well, it’s in fashion.”He said with a laugh.

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About his relationship to the model Paula DalayDerbez admits he learned from his past experiences, so now he’s keeping things a little more private: “Yes, it is better to reserve some things for you all of a sudden, not everything is posted or uploaded, or anything.”Added.

Jose Eduardo and his girlfriend

Although many may take this decision as a lack of love, Jose Eduardo is convinced it is best to flirt: “Many people think that uploading things to networks means giving love, or that this is the importance you give to the couple, and if you do not do so, then this means that you do not love the person and this is terrible, then it is better to get rid of everything.” is over.

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