Jose Francisco Peña Gómez: “The humility embodied in a man”

Jose Francisco Peña Gómez: “The humility embodied in a man”

“Peña Gómez is the people, education and humility embodied in a man who knew how to do work for the underprivileged”, defines the members of the Jose Francisco Peña Gómez Foundation for the ideal political leader, when commemorating 85 memories from his birth.

As part of the commemorative activities carried out this Sunday to honor the birth of the lawyer as well, members of the Foundation launched the movement called “Democratic Penagomist” To glorify his legacy and give it continuity.

“We will not rest until this movement forms a political party and the programs of the Peña Gómez government related to education are implemented; with our sacrifices we will achieve them,” said José Joel Leonardo, head of the National Unity Committee bloc.

The statements were dumped at the cemetery of Cristo Redentor, where the remains of the politician remained.

There was also a doctor Jiminian Cross who expressed his concern about the lack of interest of the Dominican people not to glorify the Peña Gómez path.

“It pains me very much how the Dominican people allowed the name Peña Gómez to be abused before, during, and after; until the other day, Las America International Airport did not show his name, that is, Disrespect For a man who gave everything for this country.”

He himself noted that Gomez “did not fight for a party, but for the people.”

PRD . house

In addition, a small event was organized in the home of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRD) to highlight their participation and contributions in the said party.

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During his participation as the current president, Miguel Vargas Maldonado He rated Peña Gomez as an exceptional man and that a lot of time was needed to expand his career, however, he highlighted the solidarity and simplicity that characterized him.

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