Juana Bacallao Awakening Images: An almost empty funeral home

Juana Bacallao Awakening Images: An almost empty funeral home

Many pictures of the famous Cuban artist's funeral Juana Pagallo, Died in Havana on Saturday, February 24have come to light to denote abandonment, of which the well-known “Show the girl“From Cuba.

In pictures shared by many users through social networks and news portal Cubans around the worldThe wake room could be seen almost empty and when it was time to carry the coffin, only a few people accompanied the body to the Callan Cemetery.

Capture of Facebook/Ciro Barracks

Facebook user Adalberto Rodríguez Palenzuela declared that he was not a fan of Juana Bacallao, but after seeing the pictures, he said that the artist deserved a more deserved end for her dedication to Cuban culture.

“Finally someone found a character that he believed in and entertained and made Cuban laugh at all his things and events. “Juana la Cubana, the diva, deserves so much from the Cuban people and the country's institutions,” he added.

Facebook capture/Adalberto Rodríguez Palenzuela

The body of the famous Cuban artist was buried in the Pantheon of Culture of the Colon Cemetery. This Sunday morning.

The Minister of Culture attended the ceremony Alpidio Alonso GrauEven the only floral offering with the coffin was in his name.

Cuban television devoted a brief note to review the event, read by the program's host Sunday news“The Minister of Culture, Albidio Alonso, was in attendance as well as the artist's family, friends and creators,” he said.

According to Digital Portal Cuban Diary The tomb dedicated to the singer in the “Panteón de la Cultura” is next to that occupied by the musicians Adalberto Alvarez and José Luis Cortés.

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They pointed out that his resting place is very rough and there is no tombstone or inscription dedicated to his memory.

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