Juanes acknowledges the great influence of Fernando Ecuadoria on Colombian music on the recording of the song “De Oro”.

Juanes acknowledges the great influence of Fernando Ecuadoria on Colombian music on the recording of the song “De Oro”.

In addition to Juan Luis Guerrero’s “La Bilirubina”, Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes has added another Dominican song to his new album. “De Oro”, the musical logo of Fernando Echaverria and the Andre family, is part of the “Origin” album.

Fernando Eccavaria (who died on October 10, 2015) was married a year and a half ago in 1984 when he was composing ‘De Oro’.

The song inspired La Familia Andre, one of the leading bands in the Dominican Republic and many Latin American countries.

When asked how her mousse was a blonde and “golden blonde” in an interview with the Colombian newspaper El Tambo, her response was: “Easy, her hair is dyed.”

On one of the live concerts, in 1999, Ecclesia said “De Oro” This is “part of my last name and probably the strongest last name”, At the same time he said he wrote it to “my wife who is here” (his wife McKay).

One of the questions during an interview with the Colombian newspaper L Universal was how this song came to be (“de Oro”?).

“This is the song I created for my wife Merch when we were newly married, at the height of the honeymoon, the song was born. I made it into a napkin and polished it,” he said in a press interview in 2014.

+ Note in Colombia

One of the best references to Colombian musicians of his generation is Ecclesia. He was honored at the 2006 Luna Awards in Colombia as the most influential international artist in the country’s music in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

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In Colombia, the Andre family “stuck” up to six songs on the radio and in the Colombian public.

In 1988 Eccavaria recorded the song “Caribbean, Cartagena” as a tribute to Colombia and dedicated it to the city on behalf of the entire South American nation, as it was her first visit when she won the Caribbean Music Festival.

“At that Caribbean music festival we won by public approval.
It opened the doors for Colombia, which is why I wrote the song Caribbean Cartagena, “Eccavaria recalled in an interview.

In the last decades of the 20th century the Dominican musician had a direct influence on artists like Juan, who has now recorded the song “De Oro”.


+ New album

After experimenting with different types of music, Juanes returns to his roots with an album of covers, in which he pays homage to the most influential artists of his life and career, Joe Arroyo and Bruce Springsteen to Bob Marley and Juan Luis Guerrero. AP company reviewed.

Among Dominican singer-songwriters, he recorded the pop-rock version of “La Philirubina”, which was included in “Pachatta Rosa”, the fifth studio album released by Karen Records on December 11, 4.40 by Juan Luis Guerrero. , 1990.

You read a lot with the rhythms of the songs. “Philirubina” is no longer just a language, for example, the Colombian artist told AP in an interview aired this Friday.

His response: “Part of the early version should be said not to approach the original because it’s impossible to compete against those versions. Somehow I was scared. How do I create a cardal song for example? What did we do? From there, as much as we can, we value the melody and the tone of most of the songs.”

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He later added: “I co-produced this album with Sebastian Chris (and) we created a very special dumbbell. When we were in school the teacher told us” free drawing “, that is, do whatever you want, it’s okay. It was just as wonderful as the creative freedom to bring in Colombian rhythm, guitar rock, drums, and the way the album was recorded, that is, very carefully, manual, organic, because nothing is planned here, the people they play with. I need that too. “

Through 12 songs These include Carlos Cartel’s “Wolver”, Joaquin’s Sabina’s “Why Knows Los Ten” and Bob Marley’s Can You Love Me? The Colombian rocker returns to his childhood and adolescence with the release of his 10th studio album, “Origin”.

Produced by Juan and Sebastian Kris, the album features a variety of styles, including tango, mormenku, heavy metal, folk, reggae, valenado, pop and, of course, rock.

It includes “El Amore Post del Amore” by Phyto Piece in a Rock and Gospel edition and the classic Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” in slow folk and Spanish.

Released on Friday under Universal Music Latin, there is a homonymous documentary on Amazon Prime with “Origin”, produced by Jose Dillon and directed by Cucho Lopez, which explains why the Colombian star chose each of the songs, by some (creators, sapphire) Gigi Marley), and reproduces iconic shows from the 60s, 70s and 80s, including the Beatles’ debut on “The Ed Sullivan Show”.

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