Julio Urias stands alone with the bat in his seventh win of the year

Julio Urias stands alone with the bat in his seventh win of the year

Julio Urias drove three runs against the Giants, reaching seven wins with the Dodgers that year

Mexican Julio Urias Continues his best season of 2021 with seven wins with the Los Angeles Dodgers Below is only the bottom to position itself in second place of the whole Big Top in this field Jack Flaherty St. Louis Cardinals (eight), but Sinalovan added a different touch to his performance against the San Francisco Giants this Sunday, contributing three reserves to two wins.

Urias got off to a great start as the Dodgers beat the Giants 11-5 to end the weekend series win. The Mexican came up with a perfect performance until the sixth episode, where they finally found the ball and punished him with three wins and two runs scored, but he closed his job with 10 strikeouts and 3.03 eras in nine appearances leaving his record at seven wins and one loss.

Left-handed player, in addition to his good riding job He contributed to the offense with two wins in three plate appearances, in which he sent three team members to the record.

In the second roll, Julio Urias scored a double that reached the bottom of the right field, knocking down Mike Yastremsky. Matt Beatty Y Yoshi Sutzko So he will be safely parked for the second pad.

Then, in the third inning, which included seven runs for the Dodgers, Urias found a pitch that turned into a win and, again, Matt Beatty reached the plate.

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The Mexicans had a setback until the sixth inning, but with the advantage they enjoyed, Dave Roberts allowed him to finish the chapter, finally giving up his count of nine appearances and 7-1 in 3.03 eras.

The Dodgers will rest Monday before the start of a short two-game series against the Houston Astros, with Julio Urias’ next tour expected to be again next Saturday against the Giants at Dodger Stadium.

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